Mini-donut beer to offer maxi-donut experience at the State Fair


Donut fans who like to dunk their pastry--in coffee or milk, typically--will be able to add beer to their options at this year's Minnesota State Fair.

The Business Journal reports that Stillwater-based Lift Bridge Brewing created the first-ever mini-donut-flavored beer specifically for this year's Great Minnesota Get-Together. It will be poured at the Ball Park Cafe, located on Underwood St. next to the Food Building.

What makes a beer able to carry the proud name of the mini-donut?Creators explain the brewski will feature a warm tan color, like the exterior of a mini donut, and a sweet, malty taste. As an added touch, it will be served in a glass with cinnamon and sugar on the rim.

Stillwater Patch predicts fair goers will hop on over to the cafe to give it a try, predicting they will dig the "beer's malty base and natural flavors." Patch said the sweet sipper offers rich flavor without overwhelming the palate.

Dan Theisen, co-owner of Ball Park Café , said the mini-donut beer, though not on a stick, has the potential to be this year's must-try breakout taste treat.

“Every year, a new dish is made specially for the state fair. But what about beer?" Theisen said. "We want to give Minnesota State Fair attendees an experience unlike anything they have ever seen or tasted.”

The 2013 Minnesota State Fair runs Aug. 22 through Sept. 2.

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