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Minn. climber still plodding toward Mt. McKinley peak


Grand Marais climber Lonnie Dupre is in position to climb to the last camp before the summit of Alaska's Mount McKinley, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

The adventurer is making his third attempt to become the first person to climb alone in January to the 20,320-foot peak, the nation's highest.

Dupre reached 14,200 feet Tuesday, according to his One World Endeavors website. He hoped to move to high camp at 17,200 feet on Friday. A website posting at about midnight Thursday said, "As of right now forecast tomorrow is still 50/50 for traveling tomorrow, temperature with windchill is projected to be -45F. Lonnie is in good spirits and very excited for this stage of the climb."

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Grand Marais climber going for Mt. McKinley summit record

Lonnie Dupre, of Grand Marais, hopes to be successful with his second attempt to become the first solo climber to summit Alaska's Mount McKinley in January. According to the Duluth News Tribune, Dupre spent 22 days alone on North America's highest mountain when a storm kept him from reaching the top on his first try last year.

Update: Grand Marais climber still at 14,200 feet

Lonnie Dupre is still at 14,200 feet on Mt. McKinley. The Duluth News Tribune reports hurricane-force winds are keeping Dupre from moving further up the mountain. The 50-year-old is attempting to be the first solo person in January to reach the highest peak in North America -- a 20,320 foot summit. Dupre tried the same record last winter, but only reached 17,200 feet because of bad weather.