Minn. congressional candidate Stewart Mills...a Packers fan?


After the grandson of the founder of Mills Fleet Farm announced a bid for Congress in Minnesota's 8th District, Twin Cities journalists began digging up background information on Stewart Mills III.

Democratic sources provided cold, hard evidence to City Pages' Aaron Rupar that reveal Mills is a Cheesehead.

"Minnesota will never elect a green-and-gold-bleeding Green Bay fan," Rupar reports.

When confronted by the Star Tribune, the Republican hopeful explains his Packers support goes back to before the Vikings existed when his father became a Green Bay fan.

"In 1941 his/our cousin Gene Bierhaus, University of Minnesota All American, was drafted by the Packers to be their Quarterback; that kind of cemented it," Mills said in an email to the newspaper.

Bierhaus never played though, instead he served in the U.S. Marines during World War II and suffered injuries that prevented him from ever playing professional sports.

"My father is also good friends with Bud Grant and went to school with him at the University of Minnesota, since and after the time of Bud being the coach of the Vikings we, as a family, have had to take turns as to who we root for," Mills said.

Now it's a border battle in the Mills household. His wife roots for the Vikings, and his kids have divided allegiances, he told the Star Tribune.

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