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Minn. Court of Appeals: Slow driver should not get license back


A man from Lester Prairie, Minn. who's been pulled over at least nine times for driving too slow on the highway lost a bid to get his license back.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Monday denied 59-year-old Gary Constans' request to have his license reinstated, the Pioneer Press reports.

The Department of Public Safety canceled Constans' license effective August 13, 2012.

Constans first petitioned district court, arguing that his driving did not threaten physical harm and wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He also explained he hadn't been involved in a car accident in 35 years, the court opinion detailed.

Constans told the Pioneer Press that he drives below the speed limit as a "gas-saving" technique and going slower also allows him to brake more quickly. Since he only has liability insurance coverage, Constans said he wants to avoid hitting "critters."

The court document highlighted a July 2012 incident when a Carver County sheriff's deputy observed Constans driving about 40 mph, in a 55 mph zone, on the shoulder of Highway 7 at County Road 11.

After being pulled over, Constans explained he was trying to find "the sweet spot for gas mileage."

On several occasions, officers explained to Constans that his slow, and sometimes erratic, driving was unsafe for other motorists and could potentially cause an accident.

"Constans knows the rules of the road, but he chooses to ignore them, despite increased risk to the public," the court opinion read.

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