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Minn. high court upholds law denying guns to felons


The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled against a man who argued the state's prohibition of gun ownership by violent felons tramples on his Second Amendment rights.

The justices ruled the amendment protects the rights of law-abiding citizens to own a firearm, but those convicted of violent felonies are not covered by that protection.

The case involved Andrew Craig. He had previously been convicted of a drug crime and police responding to a domestic disturbance in 2009 found him with a loaded revolver. He was convicted of possessing a firearm while ineligible to have one.

Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling upheld the decisions of district and appellate courts. Read the court's opinion here.

It is possible for violent felons to regain their gun ownership rights. In fact, that process is simpler in Minnesota than in many other states, according to a New York Times reporter writing in a 2011 blog entry. The reporter, Michael Luo, had written an extensive piece chronicling cases - including one in Duluth - of felons regaining their gun ownership rights and then using firearms in additional crimes.

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