Minn. man going for yard ice sculpture record


Computer programmer Roger Hanson of Big Lake has been building ice sculptures in his yard for seven years, but he's going for a record this year with a structure that already is 100 feet wide by 63 feet tall, a curiosity that draws as many as 300 gawkers on weekends, CityPages reports. Hanson aims to hit 73 feet high by March 1.

"I do enjoy people that come to me, and they want to know how this works, why is the color blue, how does this happen," Hanson tells CityPages. "When people want to understand why our natural universe acts this way, that definitely impresses me more than what Justin Bieber's doing."

Hanson has had to design a number of pieces of custom sculpting equipment, including a software app to help him operate a robot, and robotic water-sprayer, CityPages reports. Hanson uses water from a geothermal heating system creates about 750,000 gallons of water a winter.

There are more images and info on Hanson's website.

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