Minn. mine among stops on top nerd road trips list (that's good...right?)

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If your idea of a great vacation includes peering at the world’s largest mushroom fungus (Oregon), stumbling through an abandoned rocket factory (Florida) or getting inside the world’s largest solar telescope (Arizona), then take a look at what Popular Science calls its 'top 25 road trip destinations for geeks.'

The attractions are listed in no particular order, but the first one that comes up is the Soudan Underground Mine State Park, operated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources near Tower, Mn. The description reads:

"This 19th-century iron mine in the boreal forests of Minnesota has been repurposed as one of the deepest physics experiments in North America—and the deepest that’s open to the public. In this subterranean lab, a neutrino detector looks for changes in subatomic particles emitted 460 miles away at the Fermilab particle accelerator. Another experiment searches for dark matter. Visitors take a three-minute mine-cage ride for a physics lesson half a mile below the Earth."

The writers spent 16 months touring the U.S., visiting 150 built, natural, and virtual venues in search of the 25 spots that they considered most likely to spark scientific curiosity.

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