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Minn. Zoo welcomes first-ever baby bongos


Two bongo calves born earlier this month, the first ever for the Minnesota Zoo, are beginning to make their debut on the zoo's Africa! exhibit, according to a news release.

The male calf was born on June 6 followed by a female calf 10 days later.

Bongos are native to the lowland rain forests of west and central Africa.

The newborn bongos, the largest and heaviest forest antelopes, weigh approximately 30 to 40 pounds and can grow to be 530 to 900 pounds as an adult male and 460 to 520 pounds as an adult female, according to the Star Tribune.

The zoo has five adult bongos. The Pioneer Press describes the auburn-colored herbivores with white vertical stripes as "an adorable blend of zebra, cow and antelope."

Adult females are known for being exceptional mothers, the zoo says, by keeping their young hidden in tall grass and allowing them to have "babysitters" while they forage.

The African Wildlife Foundation says the bongo population has declined 20 percent over three generations. Bongo hunters are the species' largest threat, eliminating the population in some areas.

The zoo has more photos of the babies on their Facebook page and video (below) on YouTube.

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