Minneapolis city council to decide fate of Dinkytown's historic buildings


The debate over whether Dinkytown – a college neighborhood where University of Minnesota students live and play – should be designated a "historic district" will be settled by the Minneapolis city council.

With the approval of a council committee on Thursday, members will vote on the proposal next month, MPR News reports.

The historic designation, the station says, would make it more difficult for developers to bulldoze buildings erected before 1930.

But community members behind the preservation effort want that protection to extend to landmarks that came along much later.

The Star Tribune says that includes buildings from the 1970s, a period associated with Vietnam War-era protests, which at least one council member takes issue with.

“The critical time period for every individual is different and tends to coincide with the time in their lives when they were having fun, dating someone hot, smoking, staying up late," Council Member Jacob Frey is quoted as saying. "That’s not history. That’s college."

However, the group supporting the effort – Preserve Historic Dinkytown – is pleading with the city and developers to "Let it Be."

They say the historic district designation is crucial to the survival of the "character and integrity" of the area, which they cite as "one of the most influential centers of the counter culture movement of the 50's, 60's, & 70's."

According to the group, the historic status would protect 29 buildings in the neighborhood.

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