Minneapolis coffee shop: If you support Trump – no drinks for you

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If you're planning on voting for Donald Trump this November, you're not welcome at a couple of Minneapolis coffee shops.

The stance taken by Urban Bean Coffee comes in the wake of the Republican presidential candidate's tweets about the Orlando massacre.

"This is not a joke," the company said on its Facebook page this past Sunday. "If you support this moron, do not 'like' 'follow' or spend money in our stores. At the very least, consider what your support of 'this moron' means to the future of our country."

Urban Bean posted link to a New Yorker article along with its statement, which centers on Trump's comments on Twitter following the attack that killed 49 people at a Florida gay night club.

This tweet in particular sparked debate.


CityPages spoke with Urban Bean owner Greg Martin, who said he is confident that the majority of his customers will back his decision.

"We're an independent coffee shop," he said. "A very high percentage of the people who come in on a regular basis are going to support what we said."

Urban Bean Coffee has shops in the Whittier and LynLake neighborhoods,

Criticism over stance

Urban Bean's post has proved controversial, and while some have pledged their support on the company's Facebook page, others have accused it of cashing in on the shootings.

Here are a couple of comments criticizing the company:

"Yeah, speaking of using news to get visibility, you did the exact same thing Trump did, but since it suits YOUR agenda, it okay for your establishment to attack."

"I'm fine with strong criticism of Trump... I've been beating that drum too. I am hoping that your 'do not shop here' mantra was largely rhetorical however.

"One of the modern failures of America is the walling off of people by beliefs, backgrounds and identities. That means they don't get to converse and to exchange......and most importantly understand."

And here are some in support:

"Although it's unlikely that Trump supporters will truly be able to understand the risks that Trump's racist, isolationist, demagogic, and authoritarian 'policies' pose to our future, I appreciate you using your platform to highlight the dangers and take it seriously."

"You people don't get it. Supporting Trump is supporting hate and hate speech. If you don't like it, take your business elsewhere like he asked you to."

Trump facing uphill battle

With the election five months away, Trump faces what looks like a mammoth task against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Trump, who has divided opinion within the GOP, has reached a "new low" in approval ratings, with 70 percent of Americans viewing him negatively.

A national poll released on Tuesday put Clinton as having a 12-point lead over her opponent, Time reports.

Clinton's approval ratings haven't been that great either though. In a poll last month, almost 6 out of 10 Americans said they either "dislike" or "hate" Clinton, while 63 percent in the same poll said the same about Trump, NBC reported.

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