Minneapolis disinfecting water, running tests


City officials in Minneapolis Monday were using chorine to disinfect a section of a damaged downtown water pipe, the Star Tribune reported.

Repairs are ongoing and a backup service using temporary lines is serving the six buildings that have been without water since Thursday's break, the Associated Press reported. The buildings are on 2nd Street North, between 3rd Avenue North and Hennepin Avenue.

The city says the water to the six buildings is available for household tasks, but it will take about 24 hours to test it to ensure it's drinkable, so people in those buildings are being asked to boil water before drinking, the Associated Press reported.

The temporary fix involved hooking up the six buildings to fire hydrants, Fox 9 reported.

A contract worker hit the 36-inch water pipe on Thursday, sending 14 million gallons of water into the frozen streets, hampering business and travel.

It’s too early to estimate the cost of the break, but the U.S. Postal Service says damage to its building alone may be $500,000, WCCO reports.

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