Minneapolis donut shop rolling in 'Best Of' mentions

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Who knew there were so many awards and "Best of..." lists for donuts?

Not until Glam Doll Donuts of Minneapolis started hauling them in did we appreciate the abundance of accolades out there for shops that specialize in them.

This time it's USA Today that put the Dolls on its list of the top ten donut shops in the country.

Last month it was Thrillist that came out with its top 21.

Glam Doll is not yet two years old, but it's already a two-time winner in City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities competition.

Even those hepcats at the Wall Street Journal included a late-night visit to the shop in their itinerary for a Twin Cities weekend visit.

Glam Doll offers cake, glazed, and powdered sugar varieties.

USA Today notes some of their creations include unconventional ingredients – such as the "Daddy Dearest," which is made not only with bacon crumbs but also Surly beer.

Do some virtual window shopping of their current varieties here (that's the Scream Queen at left and the Varga Girl above).

Has their spate of national recognition given the folks at Glam Doll amnesia about their roots?

Nope. City Pages notes their tailor-made offerings have included donuts shaped like the stars that adorn First Avenue's walls and others shaped like crinkly brains in honor of the Zombie Pub Crawl. They also credit the Glam Dolls with creating a spot that's a student hangout, artists' space, music venue, and neighborhood coffee shop rolled into one.

Have you stopped at 26th & Nicollet in the Mill City? Perhaps you can follow a trail of donut crumbs and Best Of lists to find it.

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