Minneapolis father creates hilarious video to bond with his 1-year-old son

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Kudos to Minneapolis father Eric Bruce for his hilarious way of bonding with his son.

The 30-year-old found a way to both share some precious moments with his 1-year-old Jack – and entertain his wife Priscilla while she was at work – using the Dubsmash app, the Mail Online reports.

Eric made videos that featured him mimicking famous songs, TV personalities and movie scenes, before dubbing the actual audio over the top – all the while Jack sits smiling alongside him.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts employee made several over the course of last year, and put them all together into a YouTube video that has been seen more than 1.7 million times.

His video features reenactments from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hook and renditions of Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake and 1990s band 4 Non Blondes.

"It was a little glimpse into the past year of raising a baby and having good times together and bonding as father and son," he told Today. "And making sure his mom was happy and in the loop after going back to work. ... It's the equivalent of updating her with a picture, but trying to do something a little more special."

"The common thread would be things I thought would make Jack smile and would be funny to his mom," he added. "Jack plays a great straight man in the comedy duo. He'll look at me and wonder what's going on."

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