Minneapolis hosts regional gun summit


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Police Chief Janee Harteau will host the Midwest 2013 Summit to Combat Gun Violence.

Midwest law enforcement executives, elected officials and policy makers will engage in a roundtable discussion on current gun crime issues and share strategies on how to make an impact on the proliferation of gun violence.

Rybak has been working with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for over a year on plans for the regional summit.

In light of the deadly mass shootings in Newtown, Conn. and Accent Signage in Minneapolis, Rybak says the only way to make sense of senselessness is to turn anxiety into action.

Rybak is calling for restrictions on "straw purchases" in Minneapolis and a requirement that people report lost or stolen guns to police.

He also endorses a federal law change founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that includes reinstating the assault weapons ban, fixing the gun-checks system and enabling local law enforcement to coordinate more with federal officials on gun violence.

The two-day summit begins Wednesday evening with a reception followed by a series of discussions throughout the day Thursday.

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