Minneapolis is the first 'Age Friendly' city in Minnesota, AARP says

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Minneapolis is a good spot for young professionals and Millennials, studies have said recently.

It's also a solid pick if you're getting older, apparently.

The AARP has a list of "Age Friendly" communities. There are 68 in all across the U.S.; not every state has one.

Minneapolis became the first community in Minnesota go get the "Age Friendly" label, when the AARP added it to the full list earlier this week. The organization looks at eight different qualities that support and influence both the health and quality of life of older residents. These includes safe, walkable streets, better housing and transportation options, and access to key services, AARP says.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that, as of 2010, about 8 percent of Minneapolis' residents 382,599 residents at the time were at least 65 years old.

AARP Minnesota State Director Will Phillips, in the news release, said Minneapolis “ is recognizing the value of older residents and making a commitment to do even more to improve livability in the city and involve older residents in the process.”

The city itself has a strategic plan for this, called the Minneapolis for a Lifetime initiative. The goal is to implement policies and support services for older residents to help with independent living and meaningful engagement, "so they can remain part of the fabric of this community."

There's also a Minneapolis Advisory Committee on Aging – 17 members, all there for oversight and monitoring as Minneapolis works toward that Lifetime initiative.

Said Mayor Betsy Hodges in the AARP news release:

“Part of what makes Minneapolis such a vibrant place to live and work is that we have active residents of all ages. Minneapolitans are living longer and healthier lives and as a result the desire for people to remain in their communities is growing which is wonderful. As we transform into a 21st century city we must grow what makes us great, and that includes being a viable living space for all generations.”

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