Minneapolis loosens laws on chickens and other critters


Minneapolis' City Council has approved changes to laws regarding animal ownership in the city.

The new laws will make it easer for people to own chickens. People will no longer have to get their neighbors' approval to own six or fewer chickens.

However, people wanting to have more than six of the birds will still need to get written consent from their neighbors.

The same applies to turkeys, doves, pigeons, ducks and other fowl.

People will be able to have up to 30 birds with a commercial license for egg sales, according to the new regulations.

Composting chicken manure will also be permitted, the Star Tribune says.

The ordinances also make it legal for people in the city to have reptiles. People must get permits for larger lizards, snakes and turtles.

WCCO says there's a new law to protect animals. According to the station, only those that are dangerous or too sick to recover can be put down.

The laws also state that traps within the city must not injure or kill animals.

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