Minneapolis makes top ten list of highest travel taxes


USA Today has tracked tacked-on expenses that consumers often don't include when they calculate their travel budget, and it puts the city of Minneapolis on the top ten list for highest taxes levied on tourists.

The list reviews the taxes, fees and surcharges on hotel, rental car and airline costs. Such fees generate revenue for states, counties and cites without tapping into the pocketbooks of local citizens.

Citing figures from the Global Business Travel Association, the newspaper calculated that Chicago charges the most in daily add-ons, ($40.31) with New York ($37.98) second and Boston ($34.83) third. Minneapolis lands in the No. 6 position on the list, with a daily tax burden of $34.32.

Fees often surprise travelers, but businesses tend to be more aware of the pop up taxes, and may consider such charges when deciding where to hold conventions.

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