Minneapolis man charged with second-degree murder in Brooklyn Center shooting

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A Twin Cities has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with a shooting death in Brooklyn Center Thursday, the Star Tribune reports.

According to the criminal complaint, Antonio Xavier Daniels, 26, of Minneapolis, was charged in connection with the fatal shooting near a Denny's restaurant.

The victim, who was not formally identified in the complaint, was Michael McGowan, 25, of Minneapolis. McGowan's identity was confirmed by his mother, the paper says.

According to authorities, a witness says he, the victim and another man were headed from a Super 8 motel to Denny's when they were allegedly confronted by a group of other men when a fight broke out and punches were thrown. The witness says Daniels fired at least two shots.

According to court records, the witness said he heard Daniel says, "I threw the gun. I'm going back to get it."

McGowan, who was wounded, left a trail of blood from the scene to the Super 8 motel, where he died banging on a door while looking for help, the Star Tribune says.

The complaint says a responding officer found the victim covered in blood on the floor in the hotel entry way, administered aid, but the man was unresponsive.

Authorities believe the shooting may be connected to a planned robbery. The complaint says a witness who arrived to pick up the shooting victim told police the victim had called because people were "talking crazy" as though they wanted to "rob" him.

Daniels was implicated by another witness, who said he heard four to five shots and saw Daniels fire the gun.

Authorities recovered a .22 caliber revolver behind a garbage can at the scene, the complaint said.

Another fatal shooting near the location was not related, Brooklyn Center police say.

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