Minneapolis man faces more charges in connection with 3 sexual assaults


A Minneapolis man could face life in prison after a grand jury indicted him in connection with two separate attempted rapes on Dec. 6.

Keith Eugene Washington, 39, was indicted last week on 13 counts in connection to the two attempted rapes in December, and prosecutors also filed charges against him in connection with a third rape that happened last July, the Hennepin County District Attorney's Office announced Friday.

In connection with the Dec. 6, 2015 cases, in which he's accused of choking the two women until they were unconscious and assaulting them, Washington was indicted on four counts of first-degree attempted criminal sexual conduct.

Because he's a repeat offender, Washington faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted, the news release notes. He was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2000 after he choked and raped a woman. (State law requires a grand jury if a prosecutor is seeking a sentence of life in prison, Hennepin County Attorney's Office spokesperson Chuck Laszewski told BringMeTheNews.)

Washington also faces charges of attempted second-degree criminal sexual conduct (four counts), aggravated robbery (two counts), first-degree assault (two counts) and kidnapping in connection with the December incidents, which happened about two hours apart in Uptown. (Read more about those incidents here.)

“We believe Mr. Washington is a very dangerous man,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a news release in December. “He has a history of choking women until they are unconscious and it is just good fortune that he hasn’t killed one of them."

At that time, Freeman said more charges against Washington could follow, noting he could be linked to other crimes.

Last week, he was also charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with an attack on July 23, 2015. Washington is accused of hitting the woman during an argument and choking her until she was unconscious, the criminal complaint says.

When she woke up, he beat her repeatedly, charges note. The victim then convinced Washington to drive her to the hospital, promising not to report the assault. After leaving the hospital, Washington took the woman to his mother's house and raped her, refusing to let her leave the house until the next day, the complaint states.

The victim went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam. Washington's DNA was found on her body, charges note.

The victim had been seeing Washington since he was released from prison last May, the release notes.

Washington made his first court appearance on the indictment and new charges, where bail was raised from $1 million to $2 million, Laszewski told BringMeTheNews.

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