This Minnesota dad's Dad Jokes are the daddest Dad Jokes around

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When David Ricks' daughter got married, he said the funniest part of the day was "the bill."

It is that kind of sense of humor that saw him invited to compete with two other dads on the Today show Thursday, telling their "dad jokes" in front of celebrity judge, funnyman Jim Gaffigan.

Ricks, a 67-year-old retired high school principal from Minneapolis, told more of a story than a joke, relating how his attempt to scare his son in a cave on a family vacation backfired.

But that seemed to impress the crowd in New York, who were asked by Gaffigan to select the winner, with several crowd members shouting out "David!"

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It was hardly the most scientific way of selecting the winner, but it was enough to see Ricks presented with the much-coveted "Golden Plunger."

The Star Tribune reports Ricks has some experience in the comedy game, having performed at the Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis last summer.

Here ... some dad jokes for you

If you're into dad jokes by the way (and why wouldn't you be) you'll find the motherlode (sorry) on the sub-Reddit /r/dadjokes.

Here are a few of the gems we picked out:

How do you organize a space party?

You planet.

What did the pirate say at his 80th birthday party?

Aye matey!

I was helping my dad and brother move a keyboard. They took one end each of the keyboard and my dad asked me to bring the stand. I asked why he asked my younger brother to lift the keyboard and not me.

He said: "There comes a time in every man's life where he needs to take a stand."

My kid refused to take a nap.

You could say he's resisting a rest.

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