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Minneapolis men are among the most handsome in America, obviously

BRB, going to stare in the mirror for awhile.

George Clooney. Taye Diggs. Ryan Gosling. See those impossibly handsome actors, men of Minneapolis? They're your peers.

It could be the outdoor lifestyle, the cleansing northern air, or our brawny Nordic roots that are behind Minneapolis being named as one of the most handsome cities in America.

The city came in sixth overall in the rankings, which were topped by Seattle.

The rankings were compi- .......... I'm sorry, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and got lost in my eyes ......... where was I? Oh yes.

The rankings were compiled by Grooming Lounge, which looked at data showing how much men spend on personal care services, personal care products and shaving products, and how often they exercise.

Now of course, many of us could spend hundreds of dollars every month on grooming products and it wouldn't change the fact that we're not Don Draper.

But there's something to be said for making an effort with your personal appearance, which is what Grooming Lounge says its rankings are all about.

Minneapolis has moved up compared to 2015, when it came in 10th.

So good job Minneapolis men, for spending more money on personal grooming to trick Grooming Lounge into telling the rest of the country we're handsome.

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