Minneapolis parking permit photo raises eyebrows


The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Department's 2014 parking permit has some people doing double takes.

The image won a department youth photo contest sponsored in part by the park and recreation board, but now that it is featured on the permits, it has sparked a conversation.

The photo was taken by a girl of her friends in two-piece suits playing in the water and "captures the silliness of youth," city parks and recreation spokeswoman Dawn Sommers told BringMeTheNews.

"It was just a fun shot. I've not heard anything negative about it" (before Friday), she said.

Sommers adds that the photo was doctored a bit – the original had an attractive 20-something young woman in a bikini in the background and she was cropped out because it wasn't appropriate for the parking permit.

"We are sensitive to how people are featured in our photo contest," she said.

Sommers said the department for three years has featured a contest winner on its parking permit. This photo won both the youth photographer category and the "people's choice" award. The contest is co-sponsored by the National Camera Exchange, which allowed the public in October to choose the people's choice award on its Facebook page:

Post by National Camera Exchange.

A few thoughts from the Twittersphere:

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