Minneapolis limits parking due to snow pileups starting Sunday


Drivers in Minneapolis will have to deal with parking restrictions for the rest of the winter because of the amount of snow piling up on streets and boulevards, WCCO reports.

The parking rules go into effect Sunday at 8 a.m. and will last until April 1. They basically ban parking on the even-numbered side of all streets that are not snow emergency routes.

The ban may be lifted earlier if conditions improve.

Parking will still be allowed on both sides of snow emergency routes, parkways and the odd sides of non-snow emergency routes.

Transportation maintenance director Mike Kennedy told MPR News it's not a decision the city takes lightly.

"We do know that it's a hardship on a lot of people -- people in the high-density areas, where there's a high demand for on-street parking. Unfortunately, where the problem is most acute, that's where we need the parking ban the most," said Kennedy.

The restrictions are needed because towering snowbanks have made many streets too narrow for fire trucks to navigate, he said.

Earlier this month, Minneapolis implemented limited parking restrictions that applied only to a small number of its narrowest streets. But the 10 inches of snow that dumped on the city this week made the broader ban necessary, according to MPR News. More than 50 inches of snow have fallen so far this winter.

The last time the city instituted such a parking ban was the three years ago.

Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed and towed. Snow emergencies may still be declared while the winter parking restrictions are in effect.

The city of Minneapolis has more information on its website.

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