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Minneapolis put the EPA's deleted climate change data back online

"Climate change is real," Minneapolis says.

Remember all that climate change information the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deleted from its website

Well, the City of Minneapolis has put it back online

In a news release Thursday, Minneapolis said it's joined other cities around the U.S. in posting a screenshot of the deleted climate data on the city's website. 

"While this information may not be readily available on the EPA’s website, in Minneapolis we know climate change is real," the city's website says

The deleted EPA data includes information on what causes climate change, the impact it has on weather, as well as the steps federal government has taken to reduce its impact. 

And by putting it on the city's website, Minneapolis says it's making sure people have access to that information. 

Minneapolis says it's committed to taking action on climate change, noting it has a "nation-leading" Climate Action Plan and a "first-in-the-nation" Clean Energy Partnership.

Other cities like Boston, Atlanta, Houston, San Franciso and Seattle have all posted the deleted EPA information online. This website helps people republish the data. 

 Why'd the EPA delete it? 

The EPA started updating its website in the spring, scrapping information on climate change, greenhouse gases and other topics. 

The information had been posted on the website in some form since 1997, the Washington Post said. And when it was deleted, it upset a bunch of environmentalists

The EPA said at the time the changes to the site "reflect EPA's priorities under the leadership of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt." You can read more about that here

Scott Pruitt, who's the head of the EPA, has said he doesn't believe carbon dioxide is a main factor in global warming.

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