Minneapolis records 6 homicides in 4 weeks

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Minneapolis has had six homicides in the last four weeks, and the city now has recorded 21 killings in 2013, six ahead of the 15 slayings the city had at this time last year, the Star Tribune reports.

Police said a number of the recent shootings involved families or acquaintances turning guns on each other, the newspaper reported. In one of the most recent shootings, 23-year-old DeShaun Guilmant of St. Cloud was killed Friday.

The number of weapons seized by police is also pacing ahead of last year – 357 guns seized this year, compared to 332 at this time last year, the Star Tribune reports.

For perspective, Minneapolis' homicide rate is dwarfed by that of a number of other metros. Chicago has had more than 200 slayings this year. There have been more than 300 in greater Los Angeles County, the L.A. Times reports. Minneapolis' murder rate was below that of most cities its size or larger, according to a 2009 comparison by the U.S. Census.

Minneapolis was not on Forbes' list of the 10 most dangerous cities last year.

In related news, a new study suggests that cities are actually safer than small towns, noting that the risk of death from an injury — including shootings, vehicle accidents, drownings and falls – is more than 20 percent higher in rural small towns than the big metros, NBC reports.

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