Minneapolis resident Happy Thanksgiving proud of festive name

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A self-described "child of hippies" from Minneapolis is getting ready to celebrate the holiday she was named after 43 years ago, the Pioneer Press reported.

Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds was born in late November, and says her mom and dad didn't have a name picked out for her because they believed the universe should help choose her moniker.

Now a physician, the woman kept her birth name and said she is proud to be known as Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds.

Reynolds isn't the only person in the Twin Cities with a festive name. According to the Pioneer Press, there's a Christmas Eve Oberlander from Lake Minnetonka, Mary Christmas Pierson – a Minneapolis resident born in Burlington, Wisconsin – and a Saint Patrick Garza from Red Wing.

There's also a person named Merry Christmas in Florida, but she made the news for a less-than-celebratory reason.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Christmas was charged with obstructing an officer's investigation into a disturbance in Boyton Beach, Florida, in December 2009.

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