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Minnesota teacher charged with attacking stepson with ax


A St. Paul man who works as a fourth-grade teacher is charged with attempted murder after police say he tried to kill his 40-year-old stepson with an ax, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune is reporting Mark R. James, 62, was angry with his stepson for staying at his house and charging $150 to his credit card. The Pioneer Press says the charges went to Android game downloads.

"Well, I grabbed an ax out of the garage and I tried to kill my wife's son," James told police, according to a complaint filed Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court, published by the Pioneer Press. "I swung the ax at him and I wanted to kill the [expletive] and I missed."

The Pioneer Press says James struck his stepson in the face with the ax Sunday morning and “police found the victim with blood streaming down his face from a cut.”

James’ stepson called police from a neighbor’s home, telling them James had woken him up saying he needed to get out of the house, the Star Tribune reports. The Pioneer Press says James gave his stepson 10 minutes to leave the house. After the stepson tried to reason with James, he jabbed him in the face with the ax.

The stepson’s toddler was in the room at the time of the attack and was not injured, the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune report. James’ wife and the stepson’s wife were not home at the time of the assault, the Pioneer Press says.

James’ bail was set at $150,000 in an initial court appearance in Ramsey County District Court Wednesday, according to the Pioneer Press; he's facing first- and second-degree attempted murder charges. He's on administrative leave from his job at Anishinable Academy, school district spokesman Stan Alleyne told the Star Tribune.

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