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Minneapolis is a top 5 city for millennials

It's even ahead of trendy spots like Seattle, Austin and Boston.

If you're a millennial living in Minneapolis, there aren't many other places to be right now.

That's according to neighborhood profile website Niche.com, which this week ranked Minneapolis as the fifth best city in the U.S. for young professionals. That's above trendy locales including Austin, Seattle and Boston.

But GoMN is going to make an executive decision here and put Minneapolis in first place.

Why? Because of the four locations above it in the rankings, two of them (Arlington and Virginia) are a stone's throw from Washington D.C.; one of them is Cambridge, Massachusetts, the home of Harvard; and the other is San Francisco.

In other words, they are places most millennials – or indeed, most people – can't afford to live.

Cost of living only accounted for 10 percent of the total score when calculating the best millennial cities, with Niche giving more weight to access to bars, restaurants and coffee shops (12.5 percent each).

The ranking also took into account the number of 25- to 34-year-olds living in the city, education rate, amount of diversity, crime and safety levels, and the number of millennial migrants who have moved to the city from other states.

So it's used a fairly broad spectrum to come up with the final table, and we're not going to argue that Minneapolis deserves a place high on the charts. Same goes for St. Paul which came in 25th.

It's not the first time the Twin Cities featured highly in such rankings. This past September Forbes ranked Minneapolis as one of the best cities for millennials and Generation Z, thanks to high job satisfaction and median salary.

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