Minnehaha Academy's science experiment headed to space


The SpaceX Dragon capsule bound for the International Space Station lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Friday morning carrying more than 1 ton of cargo, including a science project from students at Minnehaha Academy.

The experiment: "We're just drying paint in space," Max Thompson, junior mechanical engineer, jokingly told KARE 11.

Sixteen teens designed a project that will test how the absence of gravity affects paint polymers drying at different temperatures.

Minnehaha is one of seven groups around the country chosen by NASA for the rare opportunity to send projects to space.

Watch the SpaceX rocket launch:

The micro-experiment includes a "nano-lab" equipped with a circuit board, tiny camera, motor, temperature gauge and heater, all tightly packed into a container that's only 2x2x4 inches.

The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket should arrive at the International Space Station Saturday morning and will stay for about two-months. The results of the experiment will be sent back from space.

KSTP spoke with the students and gets an up-close look at their micro-lab:

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