Minnesota added more than 42,000 jobs in 2015


The statewide unemployment rate for December clocked in at 3.5 percent, Minnesota economic officials said Thursday, after gaining 9,100 jobs during the month.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development detailed the figures in a news release Thursday morning, with department commissioner Katie Clark Sieben suggesting she's optimistic about continued growth in 2016.

The November numbers – which at the time also registered a 3.5 percent jobless rate – were adjusted upward, with the state adding 2,000 more jobs than they'd initially thought.

That means over the final two months of 2015, the state added 18,300 jobs – about 40 percent of the 42,485 jobs the state added during the entire year. For the year, jobs grew by 1.5 percent in Minnesota. That compares to a national rate of 1.9 percent growth.

The December unemployment rate of 3.5 percent is again ahead of the national rate of 5 percent.

Unemployment by race

As has been the trend for years, the unemployment rate among black Minnesotans is significantly higher than the rate for white Minnesotans.

The black/African American jobless rate in December was 14.1 percent – it was 2.9 percent for whites.

The figure is also up from a year earlier, when the rate was 11.4 percent.

The Hispanic unemployment rate has fallen significantly, from 7.2 percent 12 months ago to 3.8 percent in December of 2015.

You can see DEED's alternative employment measurements (such as by age or sex) at this page.

Which industries gained, lost jobs

For the full year, education and health services added 12,680 jobs, the most of any industry measured. Logging and mining lost the most, down 1,380 from the start of 2015. Here's a table detailing gains and losses.

Here's a look at employment changes in Minnesota's metro areas:

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