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A Minnesota airline is moving most of its jobs to the West Coast

The number of jobs affected by the change at Compass Airlines may be in the hundreds.

Most of the jobs associated with a Twin Cities-based airline will be taking off this year, bound for the West Coast.

It's not likely that you've heard of Compass Airlines, but their planes fly for a couple of better-known carriers: Delta and American. Compass is a regional airline that has contracts with those bigger companies. As the Compass website explains, its planes operate as Delta Connection or American Eagle flights.

Compass says it averages more than 180 flights per day to 50 different cities. Spokeswoman Stacey Putnam Ross tells GoMN most of the company's flights already operate on the West Coast and the rest will transition there during 2017.

Ross says all of the pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics now based in Minneapolis will have a chance to transfer to the new locations.

Compass did not specify how many jobs are affected, but the Pioneer Press reports the number may well be in the hundreds. They say the new locations will be in Los Angeles and Seattle. An airline industry analyst tells the paper Delta is looking to raise its profile in those two markets.

A union official tells the Star Tribune more than 100 flight attendants will be affected by the change at Compass. But Anna Taylor Garland also notes that attendants and pilots often live in a city other than the one where their job is based, meaning those employees won't necessarily move away from Minnesota.

Ross says Compass' corporate headquarters will remain in Minneapolis.

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