Minnesota astronaut re-adjusting to life on Earth


After her return from the International Space Station, Minnesota native Karen Nyberg says she is starting to get used to Earth again after floating in space for months, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

The NASA astronaut, 44, says she "had trouble walking without getting nauseous" in the first 24 hours back from her six-month stint on the space station.

The good thing is, that sort of physical reaction is "fairly typical" for retuning astronauts, she says.

Nyberg, who was the 50th woman to be launched into space, returned to Earth on Nov. 10 after spending 166 days on the ISS.

The Vining, Minnesota, native reached the ISS via a Russian rocket in May and came home on a Russian space capsule.

Nyberg told KSTP that when the day arrived to depart the ISS, she was ready to go.

"I was very excited when it came to un-docking day, landing day, knowing I was going home," Nyberg said. "Knowing, I'd heard what the ride is like, it's a very dynamic ride."

Nyberg tells MPR that she's now looking forward to spending more time with her 3-year-old son, Jack.

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