Minnesota-born Irish whiskey '2 Gingers' goes national

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Minnesota's 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey is going national.

In a press release, spirits distributor, Beam Inc. announced the brand will reach all 50 states this month.

Its distribution increased from 10 states to 19 in August. Beam calls 2 Gingers the fastest growing Irish Whiskey in the U.S. The brand has experienced exponential growth, expanding from limited Midwest markets a year ago.

2 Gingers is manufactured by Beam's Kilbeggan Distilling. It is aged 4 years and double-distilled to become a smooth, malty and slightly sweet blended Irish whiskey.

Former restauranteur and 2 Gingers founder Kieran Folliard launched the brand as a signature cocktail at his restaurant just three years ago, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal. Its success has been largely tied to the signature cocktail, the "Big Ginger." That has helped it appeal to women who are less likely than men to drink whiskey.

Folliard is hitting the road in a custom 2 Gingers trailer that will travel the country and promote the product.

He said, "We hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams, to demonstrate what we stand for and to pose the question: 'Why not try something big?'"

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