Minnesota brothers have emergency gallbladder surgery same day in same hospital

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Several years after two Minnesota brothers had their tonsils removed the same day as kids, they were both back in the hospital this week having emergency surgery, the St. Cloud Times reports.

According to the paper, Bruce Hanson of Villard called his brother, Leroy Hanson, of Sartell, Sunday, complaining of pain.

After driving brother Bruce, 63, to the hospital, "white as a ghost" and "sicker than a dog," Leroy Hanson, 65, says he began feeling the same sorts of symptoms while in the waiting room of St. Cloud Hospital.

Despite getting sick in the hospital bathroom, Leroy Hanson wrote off the symptoms to indigestion and went home. After a sleepless night, he was taken to St. Cloud Hospital by his wife.

After an ultrasound, doctors determined Leroy Hanson, like his brother, needed emergency gallblader surgery, and both had the operations Monday hours apart.

Leroy Hanson tells the Times that the "chances are pretty slim that two brothers would have surgery on the same day for the same thing at the same hospital."

Talking with Fox 9, Bruce Hanson joked that the he and his brother should have tried their luck at the lottery since the odds seemed so astronomical.

See Fox 9's report on the Hanson brothers below.


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