These Minnesota brothers have a new 'cabin makeover' show on DIY Network

They promise to transform old lodges into beautiful homes in the wild.

A new TV show about remodeling old lakeside lodges and cabins could make two Minnesota brothers the next DIY stars.

Chase and Brock Jurgensen are the hosts of Rustic Renovationa new nine-episode series on the DIY Network that follows the brothers as they transform lakeshore properties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It gets its first airing next week.

The way the DIY Network describes the show makes it sound like an ode to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Heck, the brothers are called Jurgensen and are bearded plaid-wearers – it doesn't get much more Minnesotan.

"In Minnesota, just about everyone owns a cabin whether it's on the water or buried deep in the woods," it says. "And while some are worn down after years of neglect, others were just poorly built in the first place. With so many people in need of restoration work, it can be big business for builders with the skill and style. In Prior Lake, Minnesota, Chase and Brock Jurgensen are those builders."

Meet the brothers:

Hang on, this sounds ... familiar

We know what you're thinking – two brothers that remodel fixer uppers and turn them into dream homes? Sounds a lot like a certain show on HGTV.

When the brothers did a Facebook Live session, one commenter even dubbed the pair the "hot buff Property Brothers."

But while that show has gotten a lot of flak from critics calling it "fake," you can be certain the makeovers on Rustic Renovations are legitimate.

We're not just saying that because they're Minnesotans, they really do this stuff for a living – Chase has a construction firm called Brand Co. in Prior Lake, while Brock makes furniture and things out for his company, Brand Reserve.

As the contractor in the relationship, Chase heads up the projects while big brother Brock, a woodworker and artisan, finds creative uses for reclaimed wood in each build.

"Together they are a dream team that can transform any old lodge into a new functional and beautiful home in the wild," the network says.

Rustic Renovations actually aired a pilot episode last year, where the Jurgensens revamped a 60-year-old family cabin.

You can watch that episode plus a new one when the show premieres on DIY Network at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11.

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