Minnesota CEO to continue working after cancer diagnosis


The chief executive officer of the Plymouth-based Mosaic Company has been diagnosed with cancer, but plans to continue in his role leading the company.

Reuters reports that Jim Prokopanko is currently undergoing chemotherapy. In a statement issued on by the Fortune 500 company on Thursday, Prokopanko said that he will work a regular schedule as CEO but plans to cut back his travel in the coming months.

"While this is a serious matter, the good news is that I'm feeling well and my doctors have informed me that I was diagnosed at an early stage," he said.

The fertilizer company provided no details on the type of cancer Prokopanko is suffering from. Mosaic's management will continue to advance the strategic direction set by Prokopanko and the board, Chairman Robert Lumpkins said. "With Jim's assistance and leadership, we have ensured there is a process for management continuity throughout his treatment," he said.

Mosaic is the world's biggest producer of finished phosphate products and a major potash miner. Earlier this week, Mosaic completed its $1.4 billion acquisition of CF Industries' phosphate business.

Earlier this month, the Business Journal reported that Prokopanko's pay was down by 1 percent in 2013. The story said that his compensation package, valued at $9.3 million, "...offset a drop in stock awards with higher option awards and incentive pay receipts."

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