Minnesota companies' tree stands recalled because of falling hazard

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Two Minnesota companies that make tree stands for hunters are recalling some of their models because of a risk the cables could break.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says each company – API Outdoors and Big Game – has had one report of a hunter being injured in a fall while using their stands. Both companies are based in Windom.

The CPSC says someone using a 2014 model of an API Outdoors stand known as the Marksman reported injuries including a broken verterbra, fractured rib, and sprained shoulder when the cable assembly released, causing a fall.

The Big Game recall affects three of the company's 2014 models: the Outlook, the Cobalt, and the Fusion. One hunter using a Big Game stand sustained knee, wrist, and hip injuries, the CPSC says.

Big Game provides the batch numbers here and says it will send replacement cables at no cost.

API Outdoors makes the same promise about the 2014 Marksman.

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources says tree stand accidents are the leading cause of injury to hunters, with one-third of those who use the elevated stands suffering injuries in a fall. They offer tree stand safety tips here.

Tree stand manufacturers have helped put together an online safety course available here.

A separate safety video is below.


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