Minnesota considering reopening national parks


Minnesota officials say they will consider the cost of an offer from the Obama administration to let states use their own money to reopen national parks that have been closed by the federal government shutdown.

Governors in several other states asked for the authority to reopen the parks within their borders because of the economic impact of those park closures.

The Associated Press reports that Gov. Mark Dayton's spokesman, Matt Swenson, says the administration will review the cost and projected revenue the move would bring in, before a decision is made.

As a result of the shutdown the country's 401 national parks have been closed and 20,000 park employees have been furloughed. That has had some states feeling the pain, because many of the parks are major tourist attractions.

CNN reports that the governors of Utah, Arizona, California, South Dakota, and Wyoming have all sought alternative solutions to keeping parks open without federal funding.

Voyagers National Park is Minnesota's only national park. But the National Park Service also runs the Mississippi and St. Croix national scenic river areas in Minnesota.

The house has passed a series of bills to refund parts of the government, including the national parks. Those bills haven't gone anywhere in the senate, where leadership wants the government funded at once.

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