Minnesota couple faces new hurdle after Russia bans U.S. adoptions

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed a ban that prohibits Americans from adopting Russian children, USA Today reports. It takes effect Jan. 1.

That leaves Minnesota couples in the process of adopting Russian children with lots of questions about what happens next, WCCO reports.

Renee and John Thomas of Minnetonka have faced a number of hurdles in a long and difficult effort to adopt the brother of 7-year-old Jack, whom they adopted from Kursk, Russia, in 2008, WCCO reports. Now the adoption ban could be a huge new obstacle, they say. Several Russian and American groups are fighting the ban, WCCO reports, and it's possible that adoptions that are already underway might be allowed to be finalized.

But for now, the couple waits anxiously.

“When [Jack] asks, as he often does, 'When is he coming home?' We say we’re just waiting for the call,” John Thomas tells WCCO.

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