This Minnesota couple gives the best marriage advice – and they're frickin' adorable

They will give you serious #relationshipgoals.

Everyone enjoys a great love story, so it's no wonder a video of this Minnesota couple has gone viral.

The Kaspers are both turning 95 this year and celebrating over seven decades of marital bliss this fall. That's not just a saying, these two are still crazy for each other – John calls Evie "honey baby," and the two are quite affectionate.

Five years ago, their granddaughter interviewed them on camera. In the video titled "How to be Married for 70 years," the couple talks about how they met, their first date, and all the ups and downs that come with a seriously long-term relationship.

Now the husband and wife are approaching their 75th wedding anniversary, and the video has reached a much larger audience after being repurposed by Buzzfeed's Reasons to Smile.

The clip compiles some of the couples best tips for a long-lasting marriage – like always kissing goodnight, making each other laugh, and being in the moment. It's been viewed over 40 million times since last week.

Here are their secrets to a marriage that will last a lifetime:

This couple has been married for over 70 years and their advice is so beautiful <3 True love never fades.

Posted by Reasons to Smile on Monday, April 24, 2017

The granddaughter who made the video, Danni Munro, told the Star Tribune her grandparents love the attention they've received from the video, even if they don't really understand what it means to go viral.

“They just know it’s something we do on ‘our machines,’ which is our phones,” Munro told the paper. “They know people are looking at them.”

Munro recently filmed a follow up to the original interview, where she brings the sweethearts some Culvers, and they chat over a few Nordeast tallboys. It will give you serious #relationshipgoals.

Oh yeah, they also know the lyrics to "Baby Got Back."

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