Minnesota deer farmer offers up trophy buck for $9,400

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How much would you pay for the chance to shoot a prize buck?

For $9,400, the owner of a 25-acre deer farm near Vergas, Minn. is allowing a hunter to take aim at a 20-pointer, WDAY reports.

Mike Summers of Summers Deer Farm put an advertisement on Craigslist earlier this week offering up 4-year-old "Tarzan."

"Would make a beautiful mount for your home or office. Over 20 points. Should score over 200," the ad reads.

Last year, Tarzan had 30 scoreable points and scored 241 inches at 3 years old.

Summers says he has no more use for the retired breeding buck.

The farm typically opens to schools and hunters with disabilities, but John Young with the Clay-Wilkin Deer Hunters Association questions the sportsmanship of the offer.

"A true hunter would not want to do something like that," Young told WDAY.

Summers admits it's not for everyone.

"There's a lot of people out there that just don't have the time and they really would like something to hang on their wall. Instead of a picture, they want a deer head," Summers said.

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