Minnesota family builds a giant snow octopus to save lives

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The Bartz brothers of New Brighton have made headlines for their annual snow sculptures. And Friday, Austin, Trevor and Connor revealed a masterpiece that took them more than 500 hours and is bigger and better than ever.

Not only because Octavius stands 18 feet tall. But this year, the boys write on Facebook that they hope they'll "have an impact bigger than a pile of snow."


The Bartz brother's fundraising campaign says since they work with snow to complete the project every year, they decided to raise money for clean drinking water in Haiti. So they partnered with One Day's Wages – a nonprofit that fights global poverty.

People have two ways to donate. You can either stop by the sculpture and drop it in the donation box. Or you can donate online. Their goal is to raise $10,000 by March 5.

One Day's Wages says the World Health Organization estimates about 900,000 people die every year because they don't have good drinking water, sanitation or hygiene. Haiti is the poorest county in the Western Hemisphere, and 40 percent of the people do not have an improved water source.

Check out the awesome sculptures these Minnesota brothers have done in the past.





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