Minnesota Fringe Festival packs 165 shows into 11 days

The annual mad dash through the Minnesota performing arts scene starts Thursday. Artists perform a wildly eclectic mix of comedy, drama, musicals and other shows at 15 venues.

It's time again for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, a mashed-up collection of 165 shows over 11 days at 15 Twin Cities venues. It opens Thursday.

The shows include something for all tastes: comedy, drama, musicals and more. The Fringe Fest website helps you easily sort out what's available on each day, by category.

Need a little more guidance? The Pioneer Press has a few highlights. Still intimidated? MinnPost also offers some helpful tips on how to dive in.

It can be a taxing time for the local theater community. A number of exhausted performers appear in more than one show during festival. CityPages has their story.

MPR introduces you to three first-time Fringers who are stepping into very different roles for their shows for very different reasons.

Here are a few random trailers to give you a taste:

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