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Minnesota gets a taste of the 'cronut' craze


It's a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. And these days the cronut is all alone on top of the food fad world.

Now Minnesotans have a chance to taste what all the fuss is about. The Pioneer Press reports Minneapolis' Angel Food Bakery is making a version of the cronut.

But the supply is limited by the labor involved in making them. Angel Food owner Cynthia Gerdes tells the newspaper "There's 80 to 100 layers of dough that you have to keep working on and working on, and we make them all from scratch."

It was about a month ago that New Yorkers began going cukoo for cronuts, with some lining up outside chef Dominique Ansel's bakery hours before opening in hopes of snagging one of the glazed goodies.

Ansel has a copyright on the name, however, leaving competitors to cook up their own nomenclature. Gerdes is turning that task over to social media, holding a Facebook contest to name the treats turned out by Angel Food.

Of course, names are being snapped up quickly by bakeries all over the country looking to cash in on the cronut feeding frenzy. CNBC reports doissant was snapped up a Washington baker just over a week ago.

Pastry lovers may be riding a cronut wave but like all fads it's certain to fade eventually. And in Minneapolis Cynthia Gerdes is under no illusions, telling the Pioneer Press, "This is like the pet rock except you can eat it."

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