Minnesota gets extension on Real ID – until January

That's when Real ID law goes into full effect.

You can still use your regular driver's license to get through airport security – at least for now. 

The Department of Homeland Security has granted a grace period to Minnesota and the other states that aren't yet in compliance with Real ID, Gov. Mark Dayton's spokesperson Sam Fettig said Tuesday. 

Minnesota's current extension expired Tuesday. This new grace period started Oct. 11 and goes until Jan. 22, 2018. 

That's the same day the federal government said it'll start requiring Real ID-compliant licenses when boarding an airplane. (Minnesota's regular driver's licenses and state IDs already don't work to get in to some government facilities.) 

So this grace period doesn't mean much for Minnesotans looking to fly somewhere after Jan. 22. 

However, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said the state has requested an extension that would give them until October 2018 to become compliant with the Real ID law. 

That request has yet to be approved. 

What's Real ID? 

It was first approved in 2005, and sets minimum security standards for federally accepted identification. 

And the Minnesota Legislature finally – after months of political bickering and discussion – passed a law this year that would allow the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's office of Driver and Vehicle Services (the agency that issues driver's licenses) can start working on making our driver's licenses meet federal requirements.

The Department of Public Safety said earlier this year that Real ID licenses would be available to Minnesotans no later than Oct. 1, 2018. 

Enhanced licenses are Real ID compliant

Minnesotans can already get a driver's license that's Real ID compliant – the enhanced driver's license (or enhance identification card).

If you already have that, there's no need to worry about the Real ID law deadline because yours should be just fine. 

If you don't have the enhanced ID, you can get one – it costs $15 more than a regular driver's license, and you'll have to provide more information to get it. Find out more about it here.

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