Minnesota GOP: Finances improving, but debt still tops $1 million


Minnesota's Republican party says its debt burden is getting lighter but it still has work to do to repay nearly $1.2 million.

Minnesota Public Radio reports the party says it reduced its debt by $520,000 in 2013, after raising $2.5 million in contributions during the year. As MPR recounts, an internal audit conducted when previous party chair Tony Sutton resigned at the end of 2011 found the GOP was nearly $2 million in debt at that time.

The party treasurer tells the Star Tribune debt payments were running $80,000- $100,000 per month during 2012 but will likely be in the $25,000-$30,000 range this year.

In addition to extra fund-raising, the party also looked for ways to trim administrative costs during 2013. The changes included moving the party's headquarters from an office building near the Capitol to a less expensive site in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Republicans are moving into a busy political season, when the party will choose from among several candidates hoping to unseat both Democratic Sen. Al Franken and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. Four other statewide offices and the entire Legislature are also up for election in November. Over the weekend five of the gubernatorial candidates took part in a debate in Roseville.

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Report: State GOP is nearly $2 million in debt

Politics In Minnesota quotes sources saying the Minnesota Republican Party's debts reach to about $2 million. That's almost double a previous estimate. The debt comes from unpaid legal fees, an FEC fine and recent invoices that have ballooned the party's financial woes. The revelation comes on the eve of the state GOP electing a new chairman.

Campaign finance board investigating Minnesota GOP finances

State officials have opened an investigation following allegations that the Republican Party may have violated campaign finance rules. The Minnesota GOP is $2 million in debt. That includes $415,000 of debt that party officials reportedly failed to disclose. The Pioneer Press says the GOP could face federal penalties, as well.

Minnesota GOP owes $2 million in debt, could face more fines

The state's Republican Party on Friday disclosed new financial information, including $415,211 in debt that had never been reported. Party officials say they've found no evidence that anything illegal occurred, though, as the Star Tribune reports, the undisclosed debt could result in new fines. The party's outstanding obligations now total $2 million, including $700,000 owed to lawyers involved in the recount.

Cash strapped Minnesota GOP missed rent payments

The state Republican Party's financial situation is so bad the party skipped a couple of rent payments on its St. Paul headquarters. As the party struggles to pay off a debt of one million dollars, the national GOP is worried about the state party's ability to help Republican candidates this fall.

Former GOP chair on party debt: "Worth it"

Just hours after Republican officials declared the party $2 million in debt, former party leader Tony Sutton released a statement on his Facebook page saying the numbers reflect a hard fought election and campaign cycle, but that Minnesota is better off because of it.