Hostess hoarders in Minn. clean out bakery shelves, workers laid off

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Junk food junkies are stocking up on Twinkies, Ho Ho's and Wonder Bread after Hostess announced plans to wind down operations and sell off its brands amidst an unsettled labor dispute.

The company will shut down stores and factories next week, laying off the majority of its 18,500 employees.

A Clara City, Minn. couple loaded an armful of peach pies into their cart at the Hostess outlet bakery in Willmar that's slated to close Monday at 5 p.m. The store began selling their products at half-price Friday morning. Some of the nine employees have worked there for 30 years.

In Rochester, driver Brian Lubahn was also laid off Friday. He's been delivering Hostess products for the last 23 years.

Megan Benner of Mantorville hurried to the Hostess outlet to pick up a box of Twinkies for her friend, but the shelves were already empty.

This may not be the last chance to get your hands on the popular bakery items. Although the company may not survive, experts say iconic snack cakes and baked goods like Twinkies and Wonder Bread will most likely be purchased by a competitor.

Many that grew up with Hostess say the brand is an American icon. KARE 11 has that story:

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