Here are all the Minnesota lakes Sun Country is naming planes after

Does your favorite Minnesota lake make the list?

Earlier this week Sun Country announced it was naming all of its planes after Minnesota lakes – a nod to its home state.

Its 22 planes will also get some cool artwork by Minnesota artist Mark Herman.

So which lakes are going to be included?

The first completed aircraft is Lake Bemidji, and that was rolled out Tuesday:

There are 21 in total coming right now, each with their own specific artwork. Here's the full list, in alphabetical order:

  • Lake Bemidji
  • Lake of the Clouds
  • Lake Geneva
  • Lake George
  • Lake Harriet
  • Lake Hiawatha
  • Lake Hubert
  • Lake Independence
  • Lake Irving
  • Lake of the Isles
  • Lake Jefferson
  • Lake Mille Lacs
  • Lake Minnetonka
  • Lake Minnewashta
  • Lake Nokomis
  • Lake Pepin
  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Vermilion
  • Lake Virginia
  • Lake Washington
  • Lake Winona
  • Lake of the Woods

They'll be adding three more in the near future too, once their fleet grows:

  • Lake Como
  • Lake Phalen
  • Lake Ripley

And there's artwork already for them. You can see all of the posters here (and Herman's other works here), but we've plucked a few samples.

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