Minnesota lawmaker pressured over 'Hitler Youth' post

Alexandria Rep. Mary Franson says her post was misinterpreted.
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What's happening?

Minnesota state lawmaker, Rep. Mary Franson (R–Alexandria), is attracting attention for a series of Facebook posts she made over the weekend.

The posts on her Representative Mary Franson Facebook account have since been deleted, but screenshots were captured and shared by the Douglas County DFL.

What did the posts say?

Three posts she made were critical of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who are leading the charge for gun control in the wake of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at their Florida school that killed 17.

The posts were made on Saturday, as millions joined the "March For Our Lives" demonstration for gun control.


– MN lawmaker called out for anti-transgender tweet.

The first two, as CityPages reports, were shared posts in which one of the students was referred to as a "Supreme Leader." The other saw Franson comment that said students want Americans to give up all their guns.

But it's the third that she's particularly coming under scrutiny for, when she quoted Adolf Hitler, explaining how his party was able to indoctrinate the young via the "Hitler Youth."

She is now receiving criticism after Minnesota media coverage was picked up more widely on social media.

This tweet was posted by Brian Krassenstein, who has 400,000 followers on Twitter, asking for a picture of Rep. Franson describing her "Hitler Youth" post to go viral. It has been shared more than 25,000 times as of Wednesday morning.

Franson: 'They were misinterpreted'

Rep. Franson has said the Hitler post she made was not intended to be connected to the two earlier posts referencing the Marjory Stoneman students, and deleted it when she realized that's how it had been interpreted. 

"I’m confused to how the media has made this article into something to do with the anti gun march," she told the Pioneer Press.

"I’ve posted many things related to Israel, antisemitism, the Holocaust without any drama previously. I’m shocked media wants to make this into something it’s not. Where do you come up with these accusations?"

It's not the first time Franson has been under the microscope. She was criticized in November when she made an anti-transgender tweet in the wake of the election of two transgender people to Minneapolis City Council.

And then in December, an exchange she had with a group of local students went viral, when she told them she wouldn't meet with them because they're Democrats.

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