Minnesota Lottery posts another record-setting year with $560M in sales


The Minnesota State Lottery said some big jackpots helped drive record sales in the fiscal year that ended in June, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Officials say $560 million in sales in the last year helped the lottery post its sixth consecutive year of record sales. The total bested the 2011-2012 total by $40 million.

Lottery director Ed Van Petten told MPR that scratch ticket sales remained strong and "two real good runs in Powerball" also helped out. Van Petten also credited the boost to an increase of MegaMillions players.

The Star Tribune reported in June that scratch tickets were on track to become the biggest seller for the state lottery with a projected $358 million in fiscal year sales.

According to MPR, about 70 percent of people in the state have played the lottery at one time or another, and one-third play week. About 60 percent of money betted is paid out in prize money.

The state will make about $139 million after prize money and operational costs are deducted, MPR says.

Lottery proceeds go toward the state's environmental and general fund.

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Minn. State Lottery posts record sales

Preliminary figures show the Minnesota State Lottery pulled in a record $520 million in lottery sales for the fiscal year that ended June 30. MPR reports that's roughly $16 million more than the record set last year, despite losing 20 days of sales last summer during the state government shut down.

Minnesota Lottery reports fifth straight record-breaking year

The prospect of striking it rich is as appealing as ever to Minnesotans -- maybe more so. The Minnesota Lottery reports ticket set a new record in the fiscal year that ended June 30. The biggest chunk of the $520 million goes back to lottery players in payouts, but a state environmental trust fund reaps more than $120 million.